Enrollment and Account Consolidation

Consolidate your Account:

To consolidate by phone call the Voya Account Consolidation team at 866-865-2660.  They will provide you all of the information you need to compare plans and complete the consolidation  process.  In addition to de-selected SPPS 403b plans, you may also consolidate plans from previous employers so that all of your employer plans are in a single account.  

Please carefully consider the benefits of existing and potentially new retirement accounts and any differences in features. Consult your own legal and tax advisors regarding your situation.

How to Enroll:

Before enrolling online, be prepared to provide the following:

  • The amount or percentage of pay that you wish to contribute to the Plan: If you need help selecting contribution rates, you can contact one of the representatives above.
  • The name of each person you wish to designate as your beneficiary: You may submit up to 10 beneficiaries online. If you have more than 10 beneficiaries, we suggest you contact a Voya Representative for assistance.

There are two ways to enroll or to consolidate your account into this plan:

  1. Enroll Online:

    Ready to Enroll? Get started today!

  2. Meet with a Capital Street financial advisor who will review your personal information and help you choose investments and complete the appropriate paperwork.



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